About Me

Alternative Text

Julie W. Parker

Artist / Mother / Homemaker

Artist Biography

I have taken art classes for the last ten years at the Boca Museum of Art (https://www.bocamuseum.org/) from Eydi Lampasona (https://www.goldenpaints.com/wap/Eydi.Lampasona/14). My focus has been in abstract painting which uses color and texture to create a distinct feeling in my work and to leave the viewer with a sense of peace. Over the years, I have painted approximately 90 pieces of art for my homes in Boston, Nantucket and Gulf Stream, Florida, and have differentiated the work from Asian, to Coastal, to Abstract Neutrals to fit in with the style of the location.

Artist Statement

I have always been a collector of discarded items that I feel would have appeal if reused in an artistic manner. As an environmentalist, I am also interested in recycling and, over the past several years, have focused on creating a series of work utilizing pieces of plastic that have been lost or washed ashore along the beaches of Delray and the Bahamas. My art is labor intensive, but I am inspired by the idea of creating beauty from what is left behind.